Will You Invest In Momentum?

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Will You Invest In Momentum?

Momentum Youth Conference


I started working for Momentum Youth Conference five years ago. Because of my role as the assistant coordinator, I have been fortunate to witness life change in so many students in amazing proportions. Some of the greatest things I have seen in all my life have happened in that one, annual week in July at Momentum. When God moves, it’s amazing to see, and He never fails to move mightily at this conference.Every year I see registrations come in and make name-tags and read every name of every registrant coming to Momentum and I can’t help but feel an excitement build as we approach conference. It’s like the anticipation on the night before Christmas when you’re growing up. I’m so thankful that you entrust your students to us for that week. We don’t take this lightly! Momentum Youth Conference SideBar
I am doing what I do today and am where I am today because of the people who have invested in me throughout the different seasons of life. My parents, a mentor, my youth leader, a professor, a friend’s mom and dad, etc. It may be my biggest asset as I face the world, the investment that has been poured into me. It’s created a foundation for God to draw me to Himself.I hope you see yourself as an investor, whether in your own student’s life or others. I hope you see the money you work hard to give towards a student going to Momentum as an investment. It’s not just a week of fun (although it’s fun), it’s not just a week with the youth group (although they’ll deepen awesome relationships), it’s not just a spiritual high (although God will move mightily), it’s an investment into the foundation that will shape your student and their walk with Jesus.We’d like to provide an opportunity for you to invest, whether that’s in your own student, another student you know, or by giving towards the LIFE scholarship fund.

If you give towards a student, you will be emailed a certificate to give them as a Christmas present. You can give any amount, so the certificate could be a great addition under the tree or as a stocking stuffer. This amount will be credited to their registration once they register. Registration opens February 1.

If you give towards the LIFE Scholarship fund, you’re giving towards scholarships for students who live in economically suppressed areas and who otherwise would not be able to participate in Momentum. Last year we had around 70 students come to Momentum through the LIFE Scholarship Fund. Giving to CE National at large, specifically for this fund is tax deductible.

Momentum Youth Conference Invest

Tell me how to give.

Momentum Youth Conference Erin Cooper

Merry Christmas from the Momentum team,

Momentum Youth Conference Erin Signature

Erin Cooper

Momentum Assistant Coordinator


Come Join Us On Operation Barnabas 2015

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2014_12_19_obOperation Barnabas is still accepting applications for OB 2015 through January 9. There are a number of students who have already received notification of early acceptance status, but it is not too late for qualified high school students to send in their application and be considered for potential spots on an Operation Barnabas team.  To find out more about Operation Barnabas and download an application, visit operationbarnabas.net.

The Story of an Unsaved Father

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2014_12_19_livingWatersRay Comfort, founder and CEO of Living Waters, has posted this video of a man who prayed for his unsaved father for 30 years.

It’s an inspiring story for everyone to continue to pray for loved ones who don’t know Jesus.

Nearly 250 People Attend Urban Hope Community Church’s Community Appreciation Sunday

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School principals, firefighters, and policy were honored last Sunday morning by the Urban Hope Community Church. The event drew 250 people to the Sunday morning worship service. “An uncle of one of the girls who comes to Kingdom Kids gave his life to Christ,” reported Jason Holt. “God worked in the sister of one of the ladies in the church as she came to Christ among others.”

Please continue to pray for the ministry that is taking place at Urban Hope.

TNI Holds Annual Spring Semester Module

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Keith Minier of Grace Fellowship, Pickerington, Ohio, teaches a class

The National Institute for the Development of Ministries to Youth held its spring semester module class last week December 12th-16th at Northwest Chapel in Dublin, Ohio.
The class “Counseling and Communicating with Contemporary Youth” is one of the courses for youth ministry majors and minors at Grace College.

The group was comprised of 35 students as well as Professor Mark Artrip and Teacher’s Assistant Bekah Kurtaneck. The class was based in Ohio allowing contributing instructors from the area to be involved while students could visit and learn from ministry sites in the evening.

Instructor Dr. Glen McElhinney taught Foundations of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship on Friday night, while Tim Stauffer (M.A., LPCC, SRT (timstauffercounseling.com) covered issues of identity and sexuality on Saturday.
The group was able to visit the Saturday night service at Grace Fellowship Church in Pickerington and also take in services at Rock City Church and One Church Columbus on Sunday.

Instructor Ben Framstad covered communication as it relates to the programming side of ministry, while Keith Minier of Grace Fellowship and instructor Mark Artrip covered verbal communication. The class also featured input from Nancy Secrist – counselor at Worthington Christian High School and Bible teacher Cory Baugher teaching on inductive Bible study.
The National Institute for the Development of Ministries to Youth is a partnership between CE National and Grace College to offer the Youth Ministry major and minor.

For more information check out theNationalInstitute.net.

See pictures from the module.

2014_12_19_tni_module3 2014_12_19_tni_module2 2014_12_19_tni_module1

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks, Dressed in Holiday Style…

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City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style,
In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.
Children laughing, people passing,
Meeting smile after smile,
And on every street corner you’ll hear:
Silver bells…NOT on our street!!

Oh, sure, the bells are in the “city” but where Urban Hope is located (Kensington) not all people get to celebrate at Christmas. Some people just don’t have the money to spend. After all, in our area a family of four only makes about $17,000 a year. (When you have to pay the high rent and utilities and get school uniforms, that doesn’t go very far). And yet, God is working!!!

We delight in what God is doing through Urban Hope:

  • Each Sunday 200-250 people attend the Urban Hope Community Church. There is no such thing as “transfer growth” in this area—all of these people have come to Christ as Savior through this ministry.
  • Every Sunday afternoon, 150 children learn about Jesus at Kingdom kids—that He is the hope of the world.
  • Every Tuesday evening 100 men and women are in small groups—holding one another accountable and seeing the things of Christ together.
  • Sixty middle and high school students participate each week in Friday night ROCK (Reaching Our Community Kids) and learn about Jesus.
  • This past year we baptized 20 adults who came to Christ.
  • In 2014, over 1200 people were trained in how to do ministry in THEIR neighborhoods because they spent time doing ministry at UHTC in Kensington this year.
  • Each week there are people outside on the street corner of Ella and Tioga who are praying with people and telling about Jesus.
  • Each fall we do a “Block Party” which is a “reaping” event giving people opportunities to hear about Jesus and to respond to Him. We do a Fall Fest (Halloween alternative) as well.
  • At Thanksgiving we provide meals for our community–over 300 of them this past year–and with the meal we share the good news of Jesus.

Urban Hope is a light in a desperately dark area of the world. It is a good thing that the light shines the brightest in darkness.

Christmas is a great time to give hope to others. Would you help us bring light to this dark community? Visit urbanhope.net/sidewalks and choose the way you would like to help someone near Urban Hope have a better Christmas this year.

May God bless you at this Holiday season!

Ed Lewis and Jason Holt

Urban Hope Training Center

CE National Christmas Office Hours

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The CE National offices in Winona Lake will be closed from December 25 until January 5. The lending library will close at 5 pm December 23 and reopen at 8 am January 5. Any materials that are due during the Christmas break will be due January 5.

New In The CE National Lending Library

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Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift by James Dobson

Whatever stage you are in as a parent or grandparent, you can leave a spiritual legacy that will equip your children and grandchildren with an unshakable heritage of faith.

Called: The Crisis and Promise of Following Jesus Today by Mark Labberton

The most urgent call upon God’s people is to live as followers of Jesus. The most indicting critique against the church is as simple: its failure to do so. As the leader of an evangelical theological seminary that trains men and women as leaders for the church and society, Mark Labberton writes: “Here is the crisis: we are made and redeemed for this calling, but it slides through our fingers. Here is the promise: living and practicing who and why we are is our Christian vocation whenever and wherever we may be. Will you answer the call?”

Detour: Finding PURPOSE When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. A Bible Study DVD by Phil Tuttle

You thought you knew God’s will. Then life went in an opposite direction. That detour causes some to walk away from God. Others, like Joseph, draw near. That choice can make the difference between disappointment and destiny. Learn to read between the lines of your life while exploring the story of Joseph.

Visit cenational.org/library to find out more about these and other titles in the CE National library.

Outreach Event Coming To Urban Hope

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Please pray for a huge outreach event at Urban Hope December 14. The Urban Hope Community Church will hold a Community Appreciation Sunday inviting school teachers and principals, firemen, policemen and other community servants to the morning worship service. Citations will be read and gift cards given to thank the civil servants for their service to the community.

Rick Cartegana will give his life-changing testimony and an invitation to follow Christ will follow.

Operation Barnabas Orientation Location Announced

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Beautiful Winona Lake – the site of Operation Barnabas 2015 orientation

Operation Barnabas is pleased to announce that their 2015 orientation site will be the historic and scenic Winona Lake, Indiana!

The town of Winona Lake played a significant role in the ministry of Billy Graham and Billy Sunday, is a beautiful lakeside community, and is the home office location for CE National, the parent organization of the Operation Barnabas ministry.

We are excited to partner with the Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church and Grace College to host this eight-day training time in preparation for the OB summer tour.

Operation Barnabas orientation will begin on Monday, June 15, and teams will deploy on tour Tuesday, June 23, traveling in Indiana and Ohio and including exciting inner-city ministry opportunities in Chicago and Detroit!

The application deadline for OB 2015 is January 9, 2015, and further information and applications are available at OperationBarnabas.net.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

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2014_12_12_tniAs has been the tradition since The National Institute was founded 16 years ago, students came and enjoyed a TNI Christmas party together.

The Russell Center was transformed from a “classroom” to party central! Games, Luke 2, food and the latest TNI Christmas gift (see the photo) were all a part of the party this past Tuesday morning.

CE National is grateful for the 90+ students in the youth ministry program that it runs for Grace College. Please pray for 35 students who are participating in the Counseling and Communicating module in Dublin Ohio this week (Friday through Tuesday) at the Northwest Chapel Grace Brethren Church.

Merry Christmas!


TNI students proudly model their new t-shirts

Thank You For Giving To Urban Hope

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Packing the 300 meals for distribution

Each year Urban Hope Community Church delivers Thanksgiving meals to the people in the Kensington area of Philadelphia. These meals are provided through generous gifts from people like you. This year 300 bags of food were packed and delivered along with a turkey and pumpkin pie.

The bags also contained materials to share the gospel with the people receiving the meals.

The following people contributed in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.

  • Jim and Tammie Robinson in honor of Clarann Miller and Charlotte Robinson
  • Ted and Rachel Hillmer in honor of Judah Harvey and Leah Harvey
  • Pastor Paul Mutchler in honor of Linda Mutchler
  • Ron and Vivian Weimer in honor of Ethel Valentine
  • Robert and Joan Lucas in honor of Gerald Small
  • Dan and Chris Balmer in honor of Ken and Ruth Balmer
  • Dan and Cindy Hoover in honor of Kurt and Anecia Miller
  • LeeVon, Jenn, and Georgia Martin in memory of Dennis Eichelberger
  • Warren and Nancy Zellner in memory of Johnathan Edward Blakely

Share Christ This Christmas

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The Christmas season is a great time to share your faith. People can be more open to spiritual conversations as they think about celebrating this special time of the year with family and friends.

Familylife.com has a good article called “Hosting Evangelistic Christmas Gatherings” giving one idea for using your home to share the gospel with friends.