One Day-Two Aspects of Ministry-Personal and Corporate – The Next Super Wednesday

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gordon_macdonald“The Private Life of a Public Person” and “The Dilemma of a Multigenerational Church”

Take Aways:

  • How to come to terms with my personal life-past, present and future.
  • How to surround myself with wise counsel and accountability.
  • Shepherding a multigenerational church-a question and answer time.

Dr. Gordon  MacDonald, chancellor of Denver Seminary and editor-at-large of Leadership Journal, will be the guest speaker at the September 24 Super Wednesday. Wow!! What a privilege to have such a noted pastor and author lead the seminar!!” says Ed Lewis, executive director of CE National. Find out more at

New Lawn Mower For Casa Monte Plata, Dominican Republic

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Logan Conley led CE National’s TIME (Training in Ministry Experience) team of ten students and adults to the Dominican Republic from December 28 through January 5. While in the DR, the team served through Kids Alive International.

The group raised extra funds to leave with Kids Alive International. James and Rebekah Holt sent this email back to Logan thanking the team for helping with the purchase of a new lawn mower:

“I wanted to let you know that we were able to purchase a lawnmower for Casa Monte Plata the other day using the last of the CE National team’s project funds. This is a huge blessing to our ministry as our maintenance guy has been trying to cut all the grass at CMP using a machete… back breaking hot work! He was able to cut 2/3 of the property today alone using the new machine! Please pass our gratitude along to the rest of the team for raising the funds to bless CMP like this!”

14 People Baptized From Urban Hope

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2014_7_17_uhBaptismsOn Sunday, July 13, people from Urban Hope Community Church traveled to Wildwood, New Jersey, to baptize in the ocean those wanting to proclaim their faith in Christ. Be praying for the 14 people who were baptized… Josh, Kim, Paige, Brian, Nadya, Joselyn, Carolyn, Jessica, Robert, Beth, Shalia, Chasily, Carmen, and Maria.

Please also pray for the 30+ people from Urban Hope will be attending Momentum Youth Conference.

Grace Brethren Church from Wooster, Ohio, Helps With Urban Hope Daycamp

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A team of 48 people came to Urban Hope from the Wooster (Ohio) Grace Brethren Church. The group helped with the second week of day camps. The camp had 230 kids most every day during the week.

Here are a few written testimonies:

  • Hannah says, “God really showed me this week that I need to step out and share my faith, not only with the people here, but with the people back home.”
  • Sydney says, “God taught me that if I completely put my trust in Him, he can use me to do great things and change my life.”
  • Esther Hart says, “He showed me to listen to the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me and that everything happens for a reason.”
  • Bryanna says, I learned to love people as they are. Judging doesn’t do anything, but loving others does. I learned to not fear differences and boldly speak to people I’ve never met before.”
  • Sonja says, “God showed me that everyone needs to be shown the love of Jesus no matter how challenging it is. He also showed me that He will give me words of hope to say as long as I trust Him.”
  • Darin says,”God really has turned my life around and this week was a huge help for me in teaching me more about God and the relationship I need to have with Him.”

Watch video testimonies from Tirzah, Taylor, and Sonja.

Contact Logan Conley at to find out how your group can enjoy Urban Hope.

Please Pray For Momentum 2014

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Pray for…

  • 2014_7_17_mo_praySafety for groups as they travel to Wheaton, Illinois.
  • That God would be preparing students’ hearts for a week of deeply experiencing Him.
  • That God would be preparing homes for when students return after conference.
  • Lasting effect: that the “momentum” wouldn’t stop after leaving conference.
  • Pray for youth pastors as they shepherd students and experience Momentum themselves.
  • Speakers – their content, and time on stage to be impacting, provoking, inspiring and God glorifying.
  • God would receive all the glory.
  • For God to be preparing hearts ahead of us in the people we will encounter in Wheaton and Chicago during outreach.

Watch Momentum 2014 Sessions Live Over The Internet

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2014_7_17_moLiveThe Momentum 2014 main sessions will be shown live over the Internet.

For updates and pictures throughout the week of Momentum, like the Momentum Facebook page, follow Momentum on Twitter, and follow the CE National YouTube and Google Plus pages.

There’s still a place for you at Momentum. Visit to join in the fun.

Please continue to pray for the impact that Momentum 2014 will have on the individuals who attend.

Principles and Guidelines for a Multigenerational Church – The Next Super Wednesday

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gordon_macdonaldDr. Gordon  MacDonald (pictured), chancellor of Denver Seminary and editor-at-large of Leadership Journal, will be the guest speaker at the September 24 Super Wednesday.  “Wow!! What a privilege to have such a noted pastor and author
lead the seminar!!” says Ed Lewis, executive director of CE National.

Dr. Rock LaGioia, associate professor of pastoral studies for Grace Theological Seminary writes…

“Trying to maintain a high level of “Thinking Theologically” can be challenging for busy pastors who have to juggle the pragmatics of pastoral ministry and the practical needs of a congregation and, of course, keep up the preaching and teaching of the Word. But in reality “Thinking Theologically” is required for each one of those areas of ministry.

Furthermore, “Thinking Theologically” is difficult to do simply because, well, being a “Thinking” pastor at all is not so highly prized these days as being a being a “hipster” pastor, or “politically adept” pastor or “entrepreneurial” pastor (groan) or even being a “pastoral” pastor.

Also, in the culture (especially the “thinking” culture) around us today, there are so many strange and wonderful (or not so wonderful) worldviews (i.e. ways of thinking) it can be daunting to establish a distinctly Christian/biblical way of thinking/worldview—and make it understood (either to the flock or the lost.)

And, let’s be honest, thinking is hard! (feeling is easy!) “Thinking Theologically” is harder still!

So this Super Wednesday will be all about “Thinking Theologically” in the post-modern, post-Christian, post-biblical day and age in which we are called to serve the body of Christ and reach the lost.

Visit to register.

Announcing – CE National Partners with Grace College on Studies in Urban Ministries Major

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StudiesinUrbanMinistriesCE National has joined with Grace College to train college students in urban ministry. The new major prepares students for effective ministry in an urbanized world. The majority of the world now lives in the city and there is an increasing need for workers to be trained to effectively lead ministries and social agencies in urban areas. The capstone of the Urban Ministry Studies program is a nine month field experience the Urban Hope Training Center in inner-city Philadelphia. The field experiences provide students with real-world classroom experience as the cities of the Northeast become the “classroom” for these nine months.

Message magazine reports in Vol 62, Issue 2, 2014 that 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. In 2050, it will be closer to 72%. See the graph in their magazine under “Urbanization.”

Visit the Grace College website to find out more.

Please Pray for Fellowshift Conference

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2014_7_17_vision_prayThe Fellowship of Grace Brethren Church’s annual conference starts Thursday night. Please be praying as attendees gather in Washington D.C.

CE National staff members, Ed Lewis, Ed Short, Jason Holt, Timothy Kurtaneck, Sarah Knepper, and Mark Artrip, will be participating in the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches 20/20 Fellowship conference this week.  Highlights for the time include a CE Celebration at lunch on Friday with 160 registered to participate, and two training sessionson effective church ministry.

Find out more at

Operation Barnabas Tours Coming to a Close

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2014_7_17_obFloridaFlorida Team
We Can Harley Believe We’re At The “Biker Church”

The evening was full with VBS programing. Our students led the beginning skit and followed up with a quick program…



2014_7_17_obNortheastNortheast Team

What an encouraging day of ministry! When we woke up the team…



2014_7_17_obiOB International
Living through the Typhoon!

WE ARE ALIVE!!!! Actually, we’re still very safe at the Vista House. All our plans changed…


Ed Short Leads Seminar for Ohio Churches

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2014_7_11_edShortSeminarThe North Central Ohio District had a great time as Ed Short challenged our pastors on the topic of equipping.  Grace Fellowship in Pickerington, Ohio, hosted the ministerium.

Ed challenged our pastors to think about how we can better coach the people in our church to do the work of the ministry.  He asked if we would like to get 20% more ministry done by working 20% less?  We need to evaluate the process we have in place at our churches to see if we are getting the desired results.  Many times we can be putting time and energy into ministry that isn’t accomplishing the goals of our church.

The pastors enjoyed Ed’s energetic presentation and his transparency as he shared what he has learned in his 20+ years of ministry experience.

The goal of the North Central Ohio District ministerium meetings is to bring in a person who is involved in cutting-edge ministry and can sharpen the group of pastors.  “We value relationships and encouragement whenever we gather as a group, and Ed did a great job making that happen,” said Dustin. “Several pastors in the NCO are taking part in Ed Short’s coaching ministry provided through CE National, and they are excited to have Ed speaking into their lives.   It is great to be a part of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Church family as we do ministry together!”

What the Lead or Solo Pastor Must Lead!

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pastorpediaLogo22014_5_6_pastorpediaThese we must not assign to anyone else-at least we think so, and we mean in any size church.

Under 100 or over 10,000!

We think these four or five areas are the priorities we must carry on our own backs. And while the three of us will not have the same lists, we hope, like everything we share, you will think through your own priorities and benefit from our perspectives.

We also talked about what we hope will happen or be strong in each of the areas, so the goals get more specific.

Plus the third section will suggest key staff and volunteers who can help. We must not try any of this alone!

We hope you’ll benefit from reading the July issue of Pastorpedia.

Pastor Knute Larson

Pastorpedia is produced monthly by three experienced pastors: Jeff Bogue, of Grace Church, in several locations in the Bath-Norton-Medina areas of Ohio; Jim Brown, of Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana, a church known for its strong growth, family and men’s ministries, and community response teams; and Knute Larson, a coach of pastors, who previously led The Chapel in Akron for 26 years. Pastorpedia is brought to you by CE National.

City Life Summer Ministry Team Has Concluded

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The 2014 City Life Team

The 2014 City Life Team

The 2014 City Life students have completed their two-week tour. They’ve experienced ministry in major metropolitan areas of California and are taking that training home with them.

City Life is designed to assist high school students to live a life that is ON MISSION for God. City Life Goal: To train high school students in a love relationship with God and His church by exposing them to ministry opportunities.

The City Life target age group is students who are going into high school (have finished 8th grade) through those who have just graduated.

To find out more about City Life visit

To read the blog posts and see pictures of the 2014 tour visit

Two CE National Celebrations This Summer

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There are two CE Celebrations this summer and you are invited! The first is the CE National luncheon at the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches “Fellowshift” conference in Washington DC, July 18. Tickets are needed for this event and are available through

The second is the CE National Corporation Meeting which will be held over breakfast on Saturday, July 26, at Wheaton College in conjunction with Momentum Youth Conference. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Judy at

Momentum Schedule, Map, and Packing List

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2014_7_11_moMoveinIt’s only 11 days until the start of Momentum 2014. Want to know the schedule, packing list, and see a map of the Wheaton campus? and look under “2014 Details.”

We’re excited to have over 2,000 students and adults attending Momentum 2014. Please be praying for hearts to be changed during the week.

CE National Sponsored Workshops At Fellowshift Conference

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Coaching: The Key to Effective Ministry Within Your Church

Led by Ed Short – Saturday, July 19, 11:15 am – during FellowShift conference in Washington D.C.

Every great NFL team has an excellent coaching staff. The coach not only calls the plays, but continually invests time in training and encouraging the players to run the plays to the best of their abilities. The same is true of your church! Picture over 80% of your church attenders actively and joyfully serving on teams in ministries within the church and also impacting individuals within their spheres of influence. The key for this to happen is the practical coaching as described by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:11-16.

In this workshop, you will be given practical thoughts and implementation keys to rally many to want to serve and be very effective at serving both inside the church and outside the church.

Growing Your Church: A Simple Ministry Process

Led by Ed Short and Mike Yoder – Friday, July 18, at 11:15 am during FellowShift conference in Washington D.C.

Ed Short and Mike Yoder will be leading this workshop at Fellowshift, the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Church‘s annual conference.

Do you find yourself looking for the “golden nugget” of ministry knowing that if you could find it, your church would explode? The truth is there aren’t any ministry “golden nuggets.” But within the pages of Scripture, we can see a clear strategy of ministry that Jesus used and that was further developed in the early church. The latest fads and ministry gimmicks will not give you the church growth you desire. In this workshop, you will be given a simple and effective strategy of ministry that you will be able to implement to see your ministry “make disciples who make disciples.”

Ed serves with CE National as a ministry consultant and coach. He meets with pastors and church leaders to help them develop effective, biblical strategies of ministry. Contact Ed at to find out how he can personally help your ministry.

Mike is lead pastor of Polaris Grace, Columbus, Ohio.

Visit for registration details on both of these seminars.

Visiting Teams Help at Urban Hope

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Watch Kate’s testimony and more on the Urban Hope Facebook page.

Urban Hope has appreciated the many visiting teams that have come to help over the summer. Here are testimonies from a few team members.

Read testimonies from team members:

  • Anna from Akron, Ohio says, “I came into this week thinking that I’ve done this before, we’ll minister to some kids, then do whatever. But the days were jam-packed. I accepted Christ this week (or re-dedicated my life to Him) at devotions in the morning on Tuesday. God touched me and I am starting my relationship with Him. I think that after Tuesday devotions I really could connect with the kids better and was making more of an effort. I’m so grateful for this week!
  • Tyler from Akron, Ohio says, “God helped me grow in boldness to share my faith with others.”
  • Logan from Akron, Ohio says, “God made me realize how blessed I am and how He can use me to further His kingdom, even though I feel I am not the best person for it.”
  • Bill, a leader from Akron, Ohio says, “This week has re-started a flame to actively share the hope in Christ at all times. To look for where God is at work and simply go there.”
  • Steven from Freemont, Ohio says, “This made me bolder to talk to people.”
  • Annie from Northwest Chapel Grace Brethren, Ohio says, “I was very shy before this trip and wouldn’t have thought about talking to a stranger, especially about Jesus, but after this trip I have gained the courage to do this and I hope I have more opportunities.”
  • Josh from Northwest Chapel Grace Brethren, Ohio says, “Urban Hope really gave me a new perspective. I now see that my sin is just as bad as the struggling people of Philadelphia. Theirs sins are just a little more ‘colorful.’ I became a lot more comfortable with sharing my faith and praying for people I have never met. I want to make the greatest joy in my life to be serving others instead of myself.”
  • Leah from Powell Grace Brethren Church, Ohio says, “This week I learned how to share the gospel more effectively.”
  • Kate from Powell Grace Brethren Church, Ohio says, “My view of people was radically changed. I learned how to love others through God’s eyes by talking and sharing with others my testimony and what Jesus has done.”
  • Owen from Ashland Grace Brethren Church, Ohio says, “God used this week to teach me the value of conversation with Him and setting time aside to know Him better.”
  • Sarah from Ashland Grace Brethren Church, Ohio says, “I think I learned just how important relationships are. They’re more important than phones & clothes, etc. Relationships are what make the church.”

These are the names of the churches that have helped in June.

Ashland Grace Brethren Church, Ohio: 18 people from June 3-9.
Northwest Chapel Grace Brethren Church, Ohio: 17 people from June 8-14 This was their first time at Urban Hope.
Grace Church of Powell, Ohio: 19 people from June 15-21. Helped kick off Urban Hope’s park programs. Urban Hope has a park program at McVeigh park in our neighborhood every Wednesday night and in Mifflin Park in the Cambodian neighborhood every Thursday night through the first week of August.
Grace Church, Bath Campus, Akron, Ohio: 45 people June 21-28. This group helped with the first week of day camps. Our largest day we had 280 kids, and we had 350 kids throughout the week that came to camp and clearly heard the gospel and felt the love of Christ.
Alexandria Grace Brethren Church, Virginia: 2 people June 22-28. This group was made up of a father and his daughter. The daughter had just graduated high school. “They were an awesome help with camp as well,” said Logan.
Summer Medical Institute: 17 medical students were at Urban Hope from June 28-July 19. This is the third year Urban Hope has partnered with Esperanza Health Center. The students go door-to-door and do health screenings along with sharing their faith.
Operation Barnabas: 38 people from June 29-July 2.
Grace Community Freemont, Ohio: 15 people from June 29 – July 3.

Several of these teams have helped with the daycamps of over 200 kids who daily learn about Christ.

If you would like to know more about bringing your group to Urban Hope, please contact Logan Conley at

Two CE National Celebrations This Summer

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There are two CE Celebrations this summer and you are invited! The first is the CE National luncheon at the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches “Fellowshift” conference in Washington DC, July 18. Tickets are needed for this event and are available through

The second is the CE National Corporation Meeting which will be held over breakfast on Saturday, July 26, at Wheaton College in conjunction with Momentum Youth Conference. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Judy at